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Not applicable for vessels < 70 meters
About the Fee Calculator

The fee calculator will provide a cost estimate based on key information about a given vessel, voyage and a potential safety zone.

Always supply a billable gross tonnage. If a pilot is to be used you also have to provide the total number of piloting hours. If Grenland is the port of call a load capacity must also be given. If the vessels ESI Score is provided, it will be considered when fees are calculated.

Choose a relevant safety fee for cost estimate.

(1) For safety zones Rogaland, Rogaland/Kårstø and Oslofjorden, a safety fee 25 % the size of an ordinary safety fee is charged for every voyage within the safety zone from 1.1.2013 . These fees are not considered by this fee calculator.

Exemption from Pilotage Readiness Fee

Vessels with a gross tonnage of 8000 GT or less and vessels with a valid and official ESI Score of at least 50, as published on the ESI web site, is subject to exemption from the Pilotage Readiness Fee from 1.1.2016.

Annual fees

The fee calculator does not take into account any paid annual fees. Costs that are covered by annual fees can be ignored.

Current regulations

Compulsory pilotage decides whether a pilot should be used and pilotage readiness fee should be paid. For more information go to Pilotage Fee. General information about current fees and when they apply can be found under Fees.