Current Port Announcements
The table below shows all announcements for ports in SafeSeaNet Norway, set by the administrator of each respective port.
Port NameAdministratorAnnouncementValid To
Bergen (NOBGO)BERGEN OG OMLAND HAVNEVESENBergen Havn er nå i sluttfasen med en samlokalisering der vi skal bemanne og drifte et nytt kunde- og operasjonssenter (KO) som vil være brukernes fremtidige kontaktpunkt inn mot havnen.

Vi håper at med endringene vil gjøre det enda enklere å komme i kontakt med oss i åpningstiden. Du treffer oss fortsatt på hovednumrene 55 56 89 50 og 95989980 der du nå blir loset gjennom en innvalgsmeny for riktig avdeling.

Kunde- og operasjonssenteret (KO) vil offisielt starte opp 01 februar 2022.

Hverdager: 07:00-16:00
Vakthavende havneinspektør frem til kl. 23:00
Vakthavende Havneinspektør Helg:07:00-19:00
Kontoret vil fra 01.02.22 være ubemannet på natt

For øvrig kontaktinformasjon vises det til
Fartøy som har bekreftet kaiplass kan fortsette som planlagt til kai.

Summary in English:

As from February 1st 2022 - The Port of Bergen will implement new opening hours for our Port services. The Port Control will be manned from Mon-Fri 07:00 - 23:00 (LT) and 07:00-19:00 (LT) during Weekends
During opening hours you may get in touch by calling +4795989980

We kindly ask for all customers (Vessels, agents and users of the Port) to place your inquiries within our Office hours (07:00-16:00 (LT) bookings and services preferably by e-mail.

NB! The Port of Bergen is not closed at night, but please make sure that you book your berths and order your supplies/Freshwater during our Office opening hours.
If you already made a booking and have confirmation, you may proceed to your designated berth

By berthing at this port, SSO agree to the following (applies to ships with ISSC):

Mjølstadneset hamneanlegg is an IMO registered”Port Facility”. Security measures as specified in the ISPS code, EU regulation and the Norwegian “Sikringsforskrift” are established.
The purpose of this information is to describe the security arrangements which are in place at SECURITY LEVEL ONE.
If a higher security level is implemented the ships in port or scheduled to arrive will receive additional information and will be requested to sign a Declaration of Security.

Ships scheduled to berth at Mjølstadneset hamneanlegg are required to submit a Pre-arrival report including ISPS-information (ISSC and security level) and a Crew list not later than 24 hours prior to arrival. This should be done through SafeSeaNet Norway.
In case a need arise to discuss security matters related to this letter or other issues, the SSO should establish contact with the PFSO or person representing PFSO.
PFSO contact telephone +47 99210001
SSO will be informed of security incidents which may have some impact on the ships security or any malfunctions related to the security measures through Declaration of Security (DoS).
PFSO will require that the DoS is signed by SSO.

Personnel permitted access to the terminal must at all time wear an access permit visibly. Crew can wear the ships ID or a visitor’s pass issued by Mjølstadneset hamneanlegg.
Personnel from Mjølstadneset hamneanlegg will normally be present and conduct access control.
Search of visitors will only be carried out when suspicious circumstances occur.
At night time when loading/unloading is not taking place the ship (SSO) may take responsibilities for access control. In this case SSO will get a key to the gate.
Search of visitors to the ship should at all times be carried out by SSO in accordance with the ships securityplan.

PFSO will ensure that stores are kept away from the ship until clearance for loading is submitted by the SSO. The SSO will assume responsibilities for control and search of stores as necessary.
In order to avoid delays, an advanced notification as to composition of load, driver and vehicle ID for each delivery is preferred.