What's New
(current version is

Version 8.2.0 (17.10.2019)

  • Barents SRS reporting: The ship's latest position is now fetched on demand directly from the AIS stream.
  • Map component: Positions and markers are loaded asynchrously in effort to reduce page load times.
  • Voyages: Limits on maximum ETD and ETA time spans (difference between To and From) have been added when searching for voyages. If both ETD To/From and ETA To/From are provided, the limit applies to the narrowest time span. The limit varies by "Registered By" selection:
    • Anyone: Max 1 month
    • My Company: Max 1 year
    • Me: Max 2 years
Bug fixes
  • Voyage Registration: It is no longer possible to add expired cadet certificates in the PEC step.
  • Voyage Registration: Duplicate validation errors in crew/pax step.
  • Voyages: For some Internet Explorer and FireFox users the web page froze after using the 'Change Time' dialog. This should now be fixed.
  • General: Active pilotage exemption certificate exams must now be cancelled before the associated voyage and/or pilotage can be cancelled.

Version 8.1.3 (30.09.2019)

  1. Voyage Registration
    • Voyage/Pilotage step: Map will now be loaded when the user clicks the map icon, decreasing loading times of respective steps.

Version 8.1.2 (27.09.2019)

Bug fix:
  1. Barents SRS
    • Fixed bug where date was validated when input field was in a disabled state.

Version 8.1.1 (26.09.2019)

  1. Voyage Registration
    • Added missing validation indicators on waste and bunkers step.
    • Fixed Military step control layout in Internet Explorer browser.
    • Pilotage map now shows both port and quay locations on initial load.
  2. Phone number validation is stricter. This includes validation of phone numbers imported from Excel template.
  3. Various minor user interface tweaks.

Version 8.1.0 (19.09.2019)

  1. Voyage registration
    • Simplified customs reporting is now only allowed on inbound voyages.
    • Details and Confirmation step shows whether the ship has a relevant hazmat reporting exemption.
    • Now possible to select pilotage locations using a map.
    • Table rows with validation errors are highlighted.
  2. Port Authority
    • Now possible to edit administered port facilities and port security areas that have status 'Security plan withdrawn'.
    • Added list of supervisions to port facility page.
  3. ISPS
    • Links to ePhorte are generated automatically based on the ePhorte case number. Applies to: port facilities, Port 2005/65, RSO, and B 4.15.
    • Port facility monitoring is now read-only: no longer possible to create or update monitorings.
    • A scheduled task now updates the status of port facilities when all statements of compliance are expired. The task also sends email notifications to ISPS workers and the PFSO.
    • Added page for creating and updating non-ISPS quays.
    • Responsive web pages (displays better on mobile devices and smaller screens).
    • Fixed bugs in tri-annual reports.
  4. The country name 'UNITED KINGDOM' has been changed to 'UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN & NORTHERN IRELAND'. Spreadsheet templates are backwards compatible.
  5. Various user interface tweaks and bug fixes.

Version 8.0.0 (20.06.2019)

  1. Responsive web client for mobile devices
    • SafeSeaNet can now be viewed in a better manner in both portrait and landscape display formats
    • Feedback can be sent to: support.ssnn@kystverket.no
  2. Reporting of Sailing Plan for entering and leaving internal waters has been rewritten.
  3. Map component now includes map layers from the Norwegian Mapping Authority, in addition to the standard Google Maps.
    • Nautical
    • Gray Scale
  4. Added rules for Cargo on Board in the Details step in Voyage registration.
    • Gross and Gross Gross Weight can not be greater than 1.5 * Ship DWT
    • Gross and Gross Gross Weight can not be greater than 750000 when Ship DWT is unknown
    • Gross and Gross Gross Weight can not be equal to Ship Gross Tonnage

Version 7.0.3 (14.03.2019)

Bug fix:
  1. Waste: No longer possible to report duplicate waste items

Version 7.0.2 (06.12.2018)

  1. Barents SRS
    • Added Departure Port to reporting.
  2. Bug-fixes

Version 7.0.1 (25.10.2018)

  1. Pilotages
    • "Update"-button will open the entry in the Voyage-wizard. The Pilotages-wizard has been removed.
  2. Voyage Details: Gross Weight renamed to Cargo Gross Weight
  3. Port Authority: Show quay-request detail in view voyage
  4. Port Authority: Filter out quays that have not opened for quay-requests
  5. Waste: Fishing vessels are exempted (no red flag)

Version 7.0.0 (27.09.2018)

Changes (see Kystverket.no (NOR) also)
  1. Voyage wizard
    • Clickable voyage wizard tabs
      • Click on the tabs to move between steps. Next and Previous buttons can still be used.
      • The tabs are colored:
        • White: The step has not been visited yet
        • Green: Deliveries OK
        • Red: Validation error. Hover the mouse over the tab to see a summary of the errors.
    • Voyage Details: All deliveries are declared here. Mandatory deliveries are shown in red text.
    • Waste: Waste items must be delivered even if "None" is selected
    • Confirm: Clicking on Confirm will validate the whole voyage
  2. Menu has been moved to upper left corner
  3. Reminder emails now also contains mandatory reporting for the voyage that is missing

Version 6.3.3 (25.01.2018)

  1. Port Authority
    • The quay information form has a new field for supplying announcements and other relevant information for agents and ships. The information is displayed when the quay is selected in the voyage registration wizard.
  2. Ship Reporting
    • All ships are required to have at least one valid contact medium
    • Security: A valid Ship Security Plan (SSP) is now required
    • Security: ISSC Expiry Date must be greater than the voyage's ETA

Version 6.3.2 (30.11.2017)

  1. Port Authority
    • Quay Requests: Uses same search as yellow banner
    • Quay Requests: "Only show requests my company can process" as default
    • Quay Requests: Added default statuses in search
    • Changed quay request email template.
  2. Ship Reporting
    • Quay: Quays are sorted alphabetically
  3. Customs
    • Added default start-page

Version 6.3.1 (26.10.2017)

Bug fixes
  1. Ship Reporting
    • Spreadsheet: More robust parsing of legacy excel sheets.
    • Spreadsheet: Clearer error message when unsupported excel sheets are uploaded.
    • Quay request emails now contain agent remark.
  2. Port Authority
    • Fixed sorting issue in Port Facility search result grid
  3. Database related: Efforts have been made to reduce the number of process deadlocks. An increase in site performance is expected.
  4. Various smaller changes and fixes

Version 6.3.0 (28.09.2017)

  1. Ship Reporting
    • Voyage registration: Voyage arrival and departure locations may now be shown and selected in a map.
    • Voyage registration: The Port step is renamed to Quay.
    • Quay requests. A new menu entry added for managing historic and ongoing quay requests.
  2. Port Authority
    • Ports Menu. Port locations are now shown in a tree-view menu. The forms for viewing and editing port facilities have been significantly changed. Quays and port security areas are new location types in SSN.
    • Single Permission. A new menu entry for Single Permission (ISPS B4.15) exemptions from the ISPS code.
    • Change Requests. A new menu entry for port facility change requests.
    • Quay Requests. A new menu entry for managing incoming quay requests.
  3. ISPS
    • A new module has been added to SafeSeaNet for the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) department at the Norwegian Coastal Administration.
  4. Various smaller changes and fixes

Version 6.2.3 (29.06.2017)

  1. When viewing a voyage, Ship's Stores information is now only visible to the company that registered the information.
  2. Minor typos and user interface fixes.
Bug fixes
  1. Security step: Validate when the current voyage is being attempted added to last 10 port call history.
  2. Security step: Validate if a similar port call exists when adding a new port call
  3. DPG step: Hazmat classification and weight unit is retained when adding entries
  4. Other search arguments are ignored if reference number is specified in the Customs Authority's search

Version 6.2.2 (12.01.2017)

  1. Added validation of INMARSAT number.
Security improvements
  1. Added X-Frame-Options Response Headers.

Version 6.2.1 (24.11.2016)

  1. Voyage listing now shows delivery icon for Port Requests.
  2. Voyage listing now shows one common icon for both regular and PEC pilotages.
  3. Military reporting now sets default map positions for new itineraries, based on the arrival or departure location for the voyage.
Performance improvements
  1. Voyage search and paging is faster.

Version 6.2.0 (17.11.2016)

  1. Added support for new SafeSeaNet Excel template.
    • Release brochure: link
    • User guide: link
    • Excel template: link
  2. Ship Reporting
    • "New Voyage" menu item removed. "Voyages" is now the default landing page for agents.
    • Update link added to voyage view page (update link shown when relevant).
  3. My Account
    • "My Ships" renamed to "My Favourite Ships".
    • My Profile: Added checkbox to allow agents to apply for Pilotage Exemption Certificate.
  4. PEC Admin: Ability for navigators to share their Pilotage Excemption Certificate information with other agents or navigators.
  5. Tax Authority: Ability to Export voyages to Excel.
  6. Removed help from top menu. Help documents are still found under Documents.
Bug fixes
  1. Security: Avoid validation errors for duplicate port calls that can't be edited.

Version 6.1.8 (15.09.2016)

  1. Stricter validation of which symbols and characters are allowed in crew and passenger names.
  2. Master's name specified in Mil step is validated the same way as names specified in Crew step.
Bug fixes
  1. Security: Now possible to change phone number for existing CSOs.
  2. Crew/Pax: Notifications are no longer sent to Border Control if crew and passenger lists are not supplied.

Version 6.1.7 (11.08.2016)

  1. The Class 2 and Class 3 map filters in My PEC now work independently
  2. Visa number added to crew and passenger form
Bug fixes
  1. When applying for PEC Class 2, it is now possible to select map segments that are already granted as Class 3
  2. Crew list now retains sort order when paging
  3. Fixed edge case where voyage security port calls outside of GUI scope cause validation errors

Version 6.1.6 (02.06.2016)

  1. PEC: The master's Pilotage Exemption Certificate must be identified for each pilotage distance.
  2. Excel: Added functionality for voyage updates (Pilot users only).
  3. Voyages: Default search is now limited to fourteen days in the future.
  4. Port authorities: ESI score information extended with individual NOx, SOx, and CO2 scores.
Bug fixes
  1. Ship to Ship activities no longer shows validation error for old activities.

Version 6.1.5 (07.04.2016)

  1. Crew, passenger, and security information is now required on domestic voyages for ships that have a valid ISSC. (link: Norwegian)
    • Ships with valid ISSC is considered in international traffic at all times.
    • Crew, passenger, and security information will be delivered to arrival-port.
  2. Passenger list is now required when reporting Customs Information on inbound voyages.
  3. When a ship has no Ship's Stores to report, this must now be explicitly stated by the user.
  4. NOx step will now show for all non NOR/NIS ships on inbound voyages.
  5. Passport numbers are now validated using stricter rules:
    • Passport numbers with non-alphanumeric characters will be rejected with an error
    • All passport numbers must be at least 6 characters long.
  6. Port users can now see the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) score for a ship.
  7. Tax Authority users has been granted a new role and access to a new menu.
  8. Review of NOx reporting, previously done by Customs Authority, is now done by Tax Authority.

Version 6.1.4 (11.02.2016)

  1. Excel upload for pilot users.

Version 6.1.3 (19.01.2016)

  1. Validation has been eased in the Security step. Port Calls more than one year into the past can now be added to Last 10 Ports.
  2. Fixed a bug in Security where Port Calls would show wrong Departure Date.
  3. Added validation for ISSC Expiry Date in Security step.

Version 6.1.2 (04.01.2016)

  1. New columns in Voyage Detail for Gross Gross Weight and Gross Weight
  2. Bug fixing related to securing passenger confidenciality information
  3. Added Norwegian Tax Administration logo (NOx will be handled by Tax Administration)

Version 6.1.1 (03.12.2015)

  1. Support for new Annual Fees
  2. Passenger or crew count must be greater than 0 in order to report passenger and crew lists to Border Control

Version (22.10.2015)

  1. The Ship Call History functionality in the Security step has been improved:
    • A new column at the leftmost edge of the ship call history shows the type of ship call entry. Possible values at this time are: SSN (the ship call originates from SSN Norway and has been added automatically), and Manual (the ship call was added manually).
    • In the Actions column the following actions are now available depending on the type of ship call:
      • Add Info: Add supplemental information (such as port facility, security level or security measures) to an existing ship call from SSN.
      • Edit: Edit a ship call. For manually added ship calls, all fields can be edited. For ship calls that originates from SSN, only some fields will be available for editing.
      • Clear: Clear supplemental information previously added to a ship call which originated from SSN.
      • Delete: Delete a manually added ship call from the list.
Bug fixes
  1. Several bugs related to Ship Call History in the security step have been fixed:
    • Editing ship calls which originated from SafeSeaNet could result in empty port facility field
    • Editing ship calls which originated from SafeSeaNet could result in erronous Port of Call
    • Some ship calls were saved with erronous Security Level.
    • Some ship calls were saved with erronous Port Facility.
    • Some ship calls were saved with erronous Arrival Date and Departure Date.
  2. When uploading crew/pax Excel sheets, digit-only passport numbers could be formatted as exponential numbers (e.g. 1.2345+E06)

Version (01.10.2015)

  1. Hazmat:
    • Now supports all five Hazmat classifications: IMDG, IMSBC, IGC, IBC, MARPOL ANNEX I
    • Hazmat classification must be specified for all hazmat entries (Link to screenshot)
  2. Dispensation from Compulsory Pilotage can now be applied for (More information)
  3. Removed Norwegian term (fast ordre) for Confirmed in Pilotage
  4. Waste reporting removed for outbound or transit voyages
  5. Voyage Expiration Reminder default selection is now based on setting in My Profile
  6. Normalized use of units of measurement (ton, kg, pcs etc.)
  7. Port Authority, Issues:
    • New issue type: Waste Discrepancies
    • New action, Issue Correspondence: Allows the user to view all issue correspodence or supply further information regarding the reported issue.
    • Now only shows issues reported by the logged in person's company
    • Altered display of issues table and improved search criteria
    • Default sorted by reported date
  8. Maritime Authority:
    • Issues: Altered display of issues table and improved search criteria
    • Issues: Added functionality for issue correspondence
    • Searching can now be done based on regions and supervision offices
  9. SSN Customs:
    • Added support for creating specific customs users

Version (13.08.2015)

  1. All users have access to report to customs. Applying for authorization to report is no longer required.
  2. Added filter to ship call history. Voyages to anchorage is now removed from the list.
Bug fixes
  1. Crew effects list upload: deleted files was not removed in certain cases.
  2. Captain was deleted from crewlist in rare cases.
  3. The crewlist was locked if mil was delivered before border control.

Version (11.06.2015)

New features
  1. Bunkers has been removed from hazmat and is a new step
  2. User registration has a new design.
  3. All help references changed to SafeSeaNet Support instead of Brevik VTS.
Performance improvements
  1. Crew/pax save is faster

Version (01.06.2015)

New features
  1. All ISPS/Security information has to be delivered electronically (no file upload)
  2. Waste-information has to be delivered on all voyages
  3. The sign in page has been updated with a new responsive design
  4. Other graphic design updates: colors and graphics have been updated throughout the client for improved readability and clarity
  5. Customs cargo step has changed. Cargo Total has changed to Cargo On Board and is default set for delivery.
  6. Customs module: Added hazmat-view
  7. Crew/Pax user interface improvements:
    • If there are errors in the uploaded crew/pax lists, the grid will only list the faulty crew/pax entries, including the corresponding Excel sheet row.
    • Sorting is now possible on all grid columns
    • Grid paging for large crew lists (more than 15 crew)
    • A "Processing uploaded file" dialog is shown after the crew/pax list is uploaded but not yet processed

Version (21.05.2015)

New features
  1. My Company has its own menu item (moved from My Account)
  2. Companies can have one or more administrators
    • Only administrators can approve new users and change the company invoice address.
  3. Ships that are entitled to simplified customs registration can now do this in SafeSeaNet (only inbound voyages)
  4. Port module: The position of the port is shown on a map
  5. Customs has got a module in SafeSeaNet
  6. Domestic ships must now deliver ISPS
Bug fixes
  1. Remove non-XML-compliant symbols from uploaded Crew/Pax data
  2. Voyage Details crew/pax count pre-filled with 0
  3. Address country in voyage view always listed as unknown
Performance improvements
  1. Enabled caching of e-mail templates
  2. Voyage wizard and User Accounts pages loads faster

Version (24.03.2015)

New features
  1. Port authorities may now administer individual port facilities (More information (NOR)) (User guide)
  2. Voyage step split in two: "Voyage"-step renamed to "Voyage Details", "Previous Voyage"-step renamed to "Voyage"
  3. New setting in My Profile for existing users needing access to the Port Authority menu
  4. Deliveries on previous voyages are shown in the Voyage step
  5. Possible to change time on previos voyages
  6. Mil step takes up less space on screen
  7. Port facility must be selected (if any) before port request form is shown
  8. Police and Customs sections always shown in voyage confirmation (incl. emails); Police and customs checkboxes removed from "Additional Information" section
Bug fixes
  1. Company and contact person name no longer required for random inspections
  2. Granted fairways being shown as in active exam
  3. Redirecting to personal user account prompt not working when signing in
Performance improvements
  1. Added caching of user roles

Version (12.02.2015)

New features
  1. PEC Admin: Expired pilotage exemption certificates can no longer be reactivated, but must be re-applied for instead. Previously granted fairways will be highlighted in red.
  2. Ship Reporting: Agents can now utilize ISPS reporting exemptions entered into SSN Norway by the Norwegian Maritime Authority.
  3. Port Authority: Port authorities can now see details for all voyages.
Bug fixes
  1. Fixed unhandled transaction problem.
Performance improvements
  1. Some database operations now performs faster.

Version (11.12.2014)

New features
  1. Support for new pilot exemption certificate regulations (More information)
    • All certificates are now classified as Cadet, Class 3, Class 2 or Class 1 -- or a combination thereof.
    • All ordinary certificates have been transformed to Class 2 certificates
    • Starting at 1st of January 2015, Class 1 can be applied for from the My Applications page.
    • Starting at 1st of January 2015, Class 3 can be applied for through the new assessor arrangement.
    • No changes to the Cadet PEC arrangement
  2. Improved PEC map functionality
  3. Port authorities can now search for all voyages, not just voyages arriving or leaving their ports
  4. Better search for companies in the user wizard
Bug fixes
  1. NOx displayed wrong in some emails
  2. Bunkers checkbox was always set on update
Performance improvements
  1. Faster page loads overall
  2. Improved responsiveness in PEC-related maps
  3. Improved performance when uploading large crew and/or passenger lists

Version (16.10.2014)

  1. Improved file uploads!
    • Support for drag and drop
    • Shows upload progress
    • Improved stability on slow and unstable connections
    • Better error handing inside the control
    • Client side validation of file size
    • Supports multiple uploads in parallell
  2. New port request form for agents (More information)
    • Use SafeSeaNet to notify port authorities about voyages
    • Book port facilities
    • Specify invoice information
    • Specify contact details
    • Note: This functionality will become gradually available as port authorities make their ports available in SafeSeaNet
  3. Port Authority may now access SafeSeaNet
    • Associate with municipalities and ports
    • Manage port and port facility information
    • View list of voyages
    • Search and filter list of voyages
    • Report issues to maritime authorities
  4. Maritime Authorities (Sjøfartsdirektoratet) may now access SafeSeaNet
    • View list of voyages
    • Search and filter list of voyages
    • View and manage ISPS voyages
    • View and manage issues reported by port authorities
  5. Updated user registration wizard

Version (07.08.2014)

  1. PEC application: removed maximum number of ships per PEC (5 ships)
  2. Changes to confirmation e-mail styles
  3. Fix: Cancelled voyages don't send voyage reminders
  4. Annual Fee: Added sorting, shows only latest fees, filters credit notes
  5. Previous Notifications: Added action icons
  6. Port: Checkboxes will be automatically checked when a voyage is updated and the ETD is less than 24 hours if they are mandatory (e.g Need Pilotage, Deliver Police Notification)
  7. PEC application: Changed the look of the renew screen
  8. PEC application: Fix for duplicate application submission
  9. Voyages fix: Search results are kept when a voyage is cancelled
  10. Mil: Bug fixes

Version (15.05.2014)

  1. Textual action links have been replaced with action icons in voyage search result list, pilotages search result list, reporting exemption list, and previous notifications list.
  2. Symbolic icons for included deliveries in voyage are now displayed in the voyage search result list
  3. New and consolidated design for emails, including voyage confirmation, new user registration, reporting exemptions, and ship position reporting.
  4. Added confirmation e-mail field for ship.
  5. "Port" step has been renamed to "Voyage".
  6. Changes in Pilotages search result list:
    • Removed "Created Time" column from grid
    • Removed "With Invoice" checkbox and "Invoice" column from grid.
    • Search criteria: Removed "Pilotage Order Type"
    • Added "Confirm" column in grid for locked pilotages.
    • Statuses Cancelled and Executed are unchecked by default
  7. Changes in PEC Admin
    • Fairways about to expire can now be re-applied for in PEC Admin. Fairways about to expire will be highlighted with a RED color in the map.
    • Pilotage Exemption Certificates past two months of expiration date can now be reactivated in PEC Admin.
  8. Fix: Customs Journal No. was not generated in some cases.

Version (06.02.2014)

  1. Updating a voyage’s departure location is no longer possible
  2. Updating a voyage’s arrival location is not possible if ATA has been reported
  3. Previous voyage: Now shows all future and current voyages, or the last voyage if no future or current voyages exist
  4. Previous voyage: Update and cancel links are disabled if ETA is more than 24 hours in the past
  5. Due for expanded inspection is disabled for NOR/NIS vessels
  6. Reporting exemptions for scheduled services can now be created
  7. SafeSeaNet logo is clickable
  8. Information-, warning- and error messages have new styling
  9. Fix: Crew and passenger excel template links are no longer broken
  10. Fix: Map: Country flag images are loaded correctly
  11. Fix: Map: Voyage wizard link is no longer broken
  12. Fix: Change Time: Relaxed pilotage From Time validation against ETD/ETA by adding 3 hour margin and disabling validation against ETD if ATD has been confirmed.

Version (05.12.2013)

  1. e-PEC (More information about PEC at www.kystverket.no
  2. Navigators can connect their username to their PEC
  3. Registration of Pec Exam shall be done in SSN Norway
  4. The use of Cadet PEC can be reported in the PEC step. Change: Mentor must be reported first
  5. SafeSeaNet Norway has got a new design
  6. Customs Notification is extended with support for excise duty on emissions of NOx for foreign ships on inbound voyages
  7. Fix: Crew Effects has been seperated from crew delivery
  8. Fix: Crew Effects is hidden on outbound voyages
  9. Change: Voyages is default sorted by ETA (earlier: created date)

Version (21.10.2013)

  1. Users can register a personal user account (A registration guide can be found here)
  2. Added a new page called "My Company"
  3. Information about a user's company has been moved from "My Profile" to "My Company"
  4. Users can activate, deactivate and remove user accounts in "My Company"
  5. Added "Forgot password?" functionality
  6. "Notifications" has been changed to "Voyages"
  7. Users can choose to receive a copy of the ship reporting confirmation by e-mail (supports several comma seperated e-mail addresses)
  8. Barents SRS has a new field: Un Number

Version (13.06.2013)

  1. Deliver Police Notification can be done on outbound voyages
  2. Added URL's to regulations in crew and passenger steps
  3. Barents SRS: Cargo Contact Person is optional if Cargo On Board is empty
  4. Fixed Voyage Reminder support to Pilotage updates

Version (29.05.2013)

Changes and fixes
  1. New menu item: Barents SRS (Ship Reporting System). More information (in Norwegian only) at www.kystverket.no.
  2. New menu item: Documents. Direct download links for documents and templates used in SafeSeaNet
  3. Crew and passenger: Three-character country codes are converted when uploading template, e.g. "NOR" is translated to "NORWAY"
  4. Crew and passenger: Revised input validation and filtering of uploaded template.
    Property Will be filtered/validated
    Family Name, Given Names comma (,) and semi-colon (;)
    Passport No. space ( ), 'PP.', 'PP:', '??', 'P.', 'P:', 'P :', '(PASSPORT)', 'PASSPORT NO', 'PASSPORT NUMBER', 'PASSPORT', 'PASS'
    Seaman's Book No. space ( ), 'SB:', 'SB.', 'SB '
  5. Crew and passenger: When reporting crew and passenger information, please use the latest excel template. Click here to download template.

Version (24.04.2013)

  1. Deliver Police Notification: Electronic delivery of notification to the police is open for everybody
  2. Voyage reminder: Default on only if port of call is Norwegian
  3. Report Position: Positions can not be reported more than 12 hours in the past

Version (20.03.2013)

  1. Order Pilot and Use Pilot Exemption Certificate (in the port dialog) has been split into two checkboxes

Version (07.02.2013)

Changes and fixes
  1. Disabled input validation on Passport No and Seamans Book in Crew/Pax due to unicode compatability problems

Version (05.02.2013)

Changes and fixes
  1. Consolidated label texts in MIL reporting and Crew/Pax
  2. Added input validation to Passport No and Seamans Book in Crew/Pax (Only alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) and the special characters: .-/',()?:+ (No spaces allowed))
  3. Removed validation on number of crew and passengers when pressing the previous button
  4. Added length validation to Customs screen (Cargo Handling Agent)
  5. ETD from arrival port no longer disabled in Change Time dialog
  6. Fixed validation bug in Change Time dialog

Version (12.12.2012)

Bug fixes
  1. Fixed annual fee bug
  2. Fixed pilotage validation bug in Change Time dialog

Version (06.12.2012)

New features
  1. Added this "What's new" page.
  2. Pilotage From Time can now be edited in the "Change Time" dialog available in the "Voyages" and "Pilotages" pages. This will allow users to seamlessly and securely edit both port information and pilotage information in a quick and simple manner. Please see this document for further details.
  3. Email reminders for voyage expiration can now be configured in the final wizard step.
Dates are displayed in local time (CET).